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I'm Steph King!

I guide you back to your innermost haven so you can show up “whole-istically” well + fullfilled + anchored.

As a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner, I hold your hand while we restructure your innermost haven using personalized functional nutrition + fitness + lifestyle needs.

Together we’ll solidify your inner framework by: filling foundational cracks + installing noise reduction + locking/opening doors + tearing down/moving walls + taking steps + finessing skills + exploring your landscape + planting some seeds.

You are home. 

"Steph, I can't believe I'm saying this but you have breast cancer."

I’ve said all along that cancer didn’t happen TO me. It happened FOR me.

When those words “you have breast cancer” were said to me in March of 2018, I had only one option as my 2 year old played at my feet: LISTEN TO MY INNER KNOWING. 

I’m going to be honest. As a 20+ year “fitness expert” and someone who was paid to get/keep others healthy, the news of such a diagnosis was extremely humbling.  However, it’s what I needed to hear to realize that I clearly had some major cracking in my inner foundation and I was determined to dive in and figure out what was causing these major health issues. What I didn’t expect was the route to the answers.

5 months prior to hearing those words, I had done genetic testing. You see, breast cancer wasn’t a new phenomenon in my family. A handful had experienced it but everyone survived from that diagnosis. The results came back negative but an “elevated risk” of 23%. 

I would soon realize that while my health looked well on the outside, my inner haven was a mess. I was a busy working mama who prided myself with looking like I had my life together and I truly felt like I did. I was juggling a fitness studio that I owned and loved along with a traveling husband and a blended family. However, this meant a 3:45AM alarm and zero room for any kind of morning ritual to start my day calmly. It meant grab and go easy foods (although “healthy”) but chaotic behaviors, nonetheless. Throw in minimal sleep, all the things stress, and the ability to never say “NO” and it was my recipe for a health storm. 

What I really dove into was my habits. “How the hell did I get here” quickly became the rabbit hole launchpad. I ate what most people would agree with as healthy. Plenty of protein, lots of vegetables, minimal “junk”, very seldomly had alcohol. However, what that part of the story didn’t include was really reading labels, understanding hidden ingredients + sugars, and that some of my choices were clearly not the right ones for me. It also meant being brutally honest with myself around my daily habits. I had only recently started establishing some sense of rituals. I had started using essential oils, gratitude journaling + affirmations, and was slowly eliminating toxic cleaning supplies from our home but sleep and stress management were not a priority. I found myself exhausted by mid afternoon. I found myself on edge and moody more times than I’d care to admit. I found myself sometimes resenting those around me. I found myself leaving little room for joy to randomly enter my day. I found my hormones fluctuating. I found myself not remembering who I was anymore or what it felt like to feel good. I was exercising but too much for me at that time. Basically, my control freak tendencies were shining. I was on autopilot and definitely filling everyone else’s bucket before my own. When I started being honest with myself, I realized I was in constant “fight or flight” mode (aka sympathetic nervous system overload). Basically, lots of little fires everywhere led to one massive one in the form of cancer.


I used these realizations as permission to become the architect of a new inner blueprint. It meant the willingness to unlearn EVERYTHING I had been taught in the wellness/fitness space. It meant cutting out the noise of others unapologetically, closing some doors that no longer served me while opening others that were outside of my comfort zone, adjusting my boundaries as needed for inner peace, finessing some skills, asking for help to learn others, planting some seeds (visions) that would/will be harvested in the future, and granting myself permission to change any of that blueprint when needed. All of this led me to pursue the path of becoming a Functional Nutrition + Lifestyle Practitioner. Ultimately, I began to TRUST myself above all else. Most importantly, it modeled how transformational and beautiful the cracks in our inner foundation can become to my daughter, Emma, who was the catalyst for all of this in the first place.

If I can teach you one thing, it’s this:  you get one shot at this life to live in true alignment with how you are meant to feel. Don’t let it be a crushing diagnosis in order to discover what that means to you. It would be an honor to hold your hand as you navigate this way of thinking, too.

Some of my faves: Jesus, establishing family rituals, making homemade sourdough, adventuring with my family, debunking hustle culture by slowing down, releasing what no longer serves me unapologetically, and Ted Lasso. 😉


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